If you need help trying to get start making more consistent orders and building a profitable business from your talent, let me introduce you to…

The Baker Squad!


I will help you turn your expensive hobby into a profitable passion!

A membership community where I teach you how to get more clients, make more money and grow fast so that you don’t have to learn the hard way!

When you started this business, you imagined it would be easy to get customers! You had no shortage of them when you were doing cakes for free or for very little money at all, but as soon as you start charging…

  • You’re STRUGGLING to get orders in the diary 

  • You are WORKING for very little and beginning to RESENT the business you once loved

  • You have NO IDEA where to start with the financial or business side of things

  • Social Media is CONFUSING and tiring trying to work out how to show up

  • Your CONFIDENCE IS LOW after failing to get anyone to pay the prices you’re worth

  • You’re feeling totally OVERWHELMED and are done trying to figure it all out by yourself

I have been exactly where you are and I know why you feel like quitting


You don’t have to do this the hard way. It’s actually possible to have customers who are happy to pay your prices, chasing you down to place an order instead of you feeling as though you’re begging them!

You are providing an excellent service and product and in The Baker Squad, I will teach you how to let the whole world know!

The Baker Squad is a monthly membership that will support you in learning all the business basics so that your ideal clients are attracted to, and guide you how to build a profitable business around the business that you will be generating!

This is for you even if…

  • You’ve only ever done cakes as a hobby before but want to learn how to take it to the next level

  • You have been running a business but not had much success

  • You’re not quite sure that this could work for you

For JUST $1, you can try The Baker Squad for a whole month to see for yourself!






For just $1, you can try The Baker Squad for a whole month and see EXACTLY how this community can help you, if you are….

  • DONE with the struggle and FIGHTING for orders

  • FED UP of being broke even after you have spent hours working every week

  • READY to experience what it is like to have real financial freedom and a business that truly pays!

See what other Baker Squad members aka 'Squaddies' have to say....



  • You make cakes as part of a supplementary income to your full-time job

  • You would love to make cakes professionally as a business but are just hobbying right now

  • You are already working on your cake business being your only income

For just $1 for a whole month trial, you can join The Baker Squad and learn how to create raving fans who love your cakes and want to order from you again and again!


You came to this page because you know that what you’ve been doing so far is not giving you the right results.

No fancy logo, website or business cards suddenly transforms you into a legitimate business and Youtube has not given you the answers!

So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose! $1 to try for a whole month to see if it’s right for you!

You have two choices today:-


Carry on the way you are, hoping that one day things will magically turn around for your business


You give The Baker Squad a try for $1 for a month access and get all the help you need to
transform your business.

If you show up, do the work and keep doing the work, the results WILL follow! The Squaddies in the community will tell you that for free!


-Every week you have access to me on live coaching calls to ask me any question you want about your business so that I can provide you with ongoing support specific to your business – Value $1000
-Access to our back catalogue of resources and previous training valued
at well over $2,500
– An exclusive Whatsapp community where you can access all of the other
Squaddies who are there to support you and cheer you on as you build
your businesses together – VALUE – $750

– An exclusive external expert trainer every month based on topics and
areas of business that you suggest! VALUE $250
-You can access all of this immediately as soon as you sign up


I know from proven experience that these methods are effective and they have
worked not just for me but for all the Squaddies that have put them into

If you are consistent and you implement the advice and guidance given, you WILL:
– make more money
– Get more clients
– Make more profit

If you DO ALL THE WORK suggested and you are still not seeing results, you can quit at any time with no consequence/penalty.

If you believe in yourself, I can definitely help to take you to the point that you are trying to reach


Natasha Orumbie isn’t your ordinary baker! Yes, she is well known in her industry for creating awesome works of edible art, but she has recently gained notoriety in the online world as a Baking Business Coach.

She has catapulted her business from making zero profit to a six-figure global accredited business in just 18 months.

Originally a teacher of teenagers by trade, she is naturally able to share knowledge in an engaging and humorous fashion, making her Instagram, blog posts, and e-books a pleasure to read! She now takes great pleasure in teaching others how to bake, decorate and sell cakes of their own and turn their expensive hobbies into profitable passions.


How long does the trial last?

It lasts for 30 days and after that time and if you’re loving it you can just stay on.

Does it includes 1:1 mentoring?

1:1 mentoring is not a part of the main membership

How much is it after the $1 trial?




It’s just $44.99 each month to enjoy immediate access to a vault of training materials and  replay Q&A valued at over $5,000; weekly access to Q&A sessions with me, valued at $200, access to expert training every month valued at at least $200 all for just $45!

Can I leave at any time?

There is no minimum contract! You can leave the Baker Squad at any time! Not that you’d want to!

If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot them over to…


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