How Much Cake Do I get again_

How much cake do I get again?

If you’re not a baker, when someone asks you how big you need your cake, you probably more than likely haven’t got a clue and why would you? My clients often say, the same size as in the picture but the dimensions of a cake can never really be accurately determined by the image unless there is another comparable object next to it. So the next time you’re asked what cake size you need use this cake serving guide to make a decision. Click to Download Here! All of our cakes are approx 4 – 5 “ tall with taller cakes probably giving you double the number of portions that are suggested in the chart. Hopefully, this will help take all the confusion out of that question for your next order! Enjoy your weekend!

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Natasha Orumbie isn’t your ordinary baker! Yes she is well known in her industry for creating awesome works of edible art, but she has recently gained notoriety in the online world. She has catapulted her business from near obscurity with an Instagram following of just 400 to over 7000 in just 8 months and growing every day! Originally a teacher of teenagers by trade, she is naturally able to share knowledge in an engaging and humorous fashion, making her Instagram, blog posts and e-books a pleasure to read! She now takes great pleasure in teaching others how to bake, decorate and sell cakes of their own.

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