Why It's Essential You Use an Oven Thermometer!

Why It’s Essential You Use
an Oven Thermometer!

Have you ever gotten excited about a cake recipe? You get all the ingredients together, you follow it to the letter, you pop the filled cake pans into the oven and the smell of deliciousness fills the entire house! 

You can hardly wait to tuck in!  Initially when you open the oven door, and remove the cake, all looks well until suddenly….the cake completely sinks in the middle!

Cake Sinking

What in the world was that all about? Not to be defeated, you decide to try again, after all, there are some ingredients left over and it would be a shame to waste them right?

You repeat the process and exactly…the same…happens again! Why??? You turn to your good old mate Mr G on the internet, who shares with you something that you had not even considered before! The explanation to your dilemma! You should be using an oven thermometer!

Even though ovens are meant to have their own built in thermostats, unfortunately they vary from one oven to another and just the slightest bit of difference in temperature could potentially totally destroy your bake! Annoying right? Well at least you know now why your recipe may be undercooked or slightly burnt!

Get yourself an oven thermometer today and run a few checks to see if your oven is behaving itself!

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Top Tip!

Always preheat your oven before using it and move the thermometer around the oven to detect where there may be hot spots in the oven that could cause your bake to burn or at least cook too quickly.

Happy baking!!

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