COVID Hacks for your
Cake Business!

Has COVID 19 thrown a spanner in the works for your cake business? It seems to have railroaded, Mother’s Day in the UK, Easter’s totally out of the window and it seems like birthday parties, baptisms, weddings and every event you can think of are just being cancelled along with your hopes that 2020 was going to be “your year”!

So what now? If you can’t make wedding cakes, birthday parties are cancelled and you can barely get any ingredients, what now? It can be easy at times like this to lose hope and be tempted to just give up. The problem seems insurmountable and realistically, what can you possibly do in these circumstances right? It’s totally beyond your control, but does that mean your cake business has to go into free fall?

Absolutely not! COVID19 is the name of this particular crisis, and whilst it is unprecedented, I assure you, that this will not be the first and definitely not the last roadblock that will face your business going forward.  So now is definitely as good a time as any to build in some contingency planning for your business!

The biggest mistake that many business make when they are in difficult situations such as these, is try to carry on as normal.  This is why for many it seems impossible to do, because ‘normal’ just isn’t an option. So the only way forward is to think about what IS possible rather than what isn’t.


Meet your customer’s needs

creative solutionsAs a cake company, this is a really good time to think about what your clients need right now and how you can help them.  Obviously, you CAN’T give them the wedding that that’s been canceled, or open up a venue for their birthday party, but you CAN give them something else! 

It’s so important that your customers see you at this time as showing up for “them” and not for “you”.  This cannot be about making a sale – this has to be about meeting a need!

What’s their biggest disappointment right now?

Depending on which customer you’re serving there will be different levels oflady balloons disappointment.  Of course, the disappointment of a couple who can no longer get married will be a whole different level to the 21st birthday that can’t go ahead, but to each and every one of them, their event that is not going ahead, is a crushing blow for them and as a cake company, we need to think of a way to serve them through this.

How can we help?

we can helpWell, this totally depends on which customer you’re serving.  Many bakers have such a wide range of customers across many different niches and therefore making one particular offer of a solution can be tricky.  One of the most important things to do in order to be successful as a cake business is to have a focused niche. I know, it seems to go against everything you have ever thought of to streamline yourself to one particular niche, but it was this decision that caused my business to totally explode towards the end of 2019.

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About the Author

Natasha Orumbie isn’t your ordinary baker! Yes, she is well known in her industry for creating awesome works of edible art, but she has recently gained notoriety in the online world as a Baking Business Coach.

She has catapulted her business from making zero profit to a six-figure global accredited business in just 18 months.

Originally a teacher of teenagers by trade, she is naturally able to share knowledge in an engaging and humorous fashion, making her Instagram, blog posts, and e-books a pleasure to read! She now takes great pleasure in teaching others how to bake, decorate and sell cakes of their own and turn their expensive hobbies into profitable passions.

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