I’m Meltingggggg!

Hey Wusssup Baker Squad Bakers!

It’s really getting hot in here!! I don’t know about you but I am meltingggggg! This weather is good for sunbathing but it is NOT cute for baking! Summer months can be an absolute nightmare for bakers and I have had to become very savvy at how I manage my work in these months.  Thankfully in the UK, we don’t get so many of them but it’s because of that that it makes it so difficult to cope.  Because in climates where this heat is standard, they have air-conditioned homes, cars, and the heat just simply doesn’t have the same impact.

Here, however, my first nightmare unfolded as I tried to drive this beautiful baby shower cake to its destination and although it wasn’t a very long drive, it was soooo hot that it literally melted before my eyes as we drove.  I was panicking but the journey gave me time to think.  Ok Tasha, you cannot give them this cake like that.  What are you going to do? So my plan was, deliver this cake.  Explain the problem and the fact that it can still be used as a cutting/kitchen cake, while I dash to a cake shop, buy a cake dummy (a polystyrene fake cake – for those who aren’t familiar) cover the dummy and rush it back to the venue to be on display! I’m telling you, it was the most stressful thing in my entire baking business career, no actually, there was one other thing, but that’s another post altogether lol!

Now  I wish I could find the image to show you, but although we pulled it off, I knew that I could never put myself through that ever again!  So I invested in these giant cool boxes that I have used ever since.  I use them in between my decoration stages so that even though the room may be warm despite fans, we have never had this problem ever again! I can’t find the company I originally bought from, but exactly the same size is available here:

All of my cakes stay fresh and cool from preparation to delivery! When you are doing a tiered cake and you can’t drive with them separately, which is my preferred option, then you can try my home-made tall cool box! Watch this video to see how we made it! 

What do you do to help keep your cakes cool in the summer? I would love to hear your stories.

Ciao for now!

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