So the sale season is coming and you want to make some real money right? Of course you do! But in order to do that you will need strategy. You need a strategy that will drive customers to you and then once they are there, get them to spend as much as possible!

This blog post is going to give you a number of suggestions that will help you do just that – not just for Black Friday but again and again and again in any holiday season!

So let’s get started!

Make sure your audience feel special

you are specialWork out what your customers’ most frequent purchases are and make them feel special. If you don’t have a Customer Record Management system then this will be a little more time-consuming but it’s well worth it, even if you miss the opportunity for this sale, definitely get it in place. It’s super important.

For online businesses especially, but for any business really that has email addresses and some basic information on their customer base’s sales history, you can definitely get better results if you personalise your emails so that your customers know that you are targeting them specifically.

They are used to getting blanket emails so if you can go one step further by making your emails more personal, you will definitely see better sales! Let me show you how.

Getting this information can be tricky unless you’re using a customer record management (CRM) system like Active Campaign, Mailerlite or Klavio for example because you would have to do it manually. But for many of you, your customer base is not huge so it’s definitely possible to do.

If you’re not already doing this though, start to capture in your systems, the following:-

    • Name of the client
    • Date they became a client
    • Date of the event
    • Occasion of the event
    • Name of the celebrant

If you’re using a CRM as I explained, it will be much easier to gather this information together. You can then, decide which bits of that information that you will pull into their emails.

This strategy is called segmentation and it is super important to capitalise on sales whenever you are doing any kind of marketing campaign.

Make your subject lines pop!

subject lineThese are super important because let’s ‘face it – if they don’t even open your email and just hit delete (like I do, to many people I’m subscribed to…sorrrrryyyy) then you ain’t selling a thing baby girl!

So you have to think like your client! I delete emails where I can tell they’re trying to sell me something and it’s something I don’t need! Even when I know I’m being sold to, if it’s something that I do need, then I definitely open because I need the item/service! So it’s as simple as that!

Your email subject lines have to be something that you know will inspire your audience to wanna click. So check out a few entertaining and inspiring subject lines for inspiration:-

You were chosen for our early Black Friday flyer! – Get this out early to your audience and entice them to spend ahead of time before they spend on everything else!

How to survive Black Friday – This is an email that suggests you’re not coming in for the sale but with something helpful! Black Friday can be stressful and advice and guidance will be welcome and you will of course add in a few of your offers too!

We heard you like [insert favourite item/service] – Using this to draw customers in to your best seller will be a great way to introduce a special discount off this for your Black Friday weekend.

You deserve something special – Making your subscriber feel special is a sure way to get them to take a peek. Again it doesn’t shout “we’re selling” instead it suggests you are giving something.

Other tips…

    • Use emojis: Emojis attract attention and if they are used correctly can increase engagement
    • Use the subscriber’s name: personalised emails definitely perform better when people feel special and emails are individualised
    • Use urgency: Using words like, “last chance”, “time is running out”, “hurry” etc will encourage people to open and also take action more quickly

These are just a few ideas to help get you thinking about this very important part of your email marketing. You need to get writing those emails, which we will help you with next week, but for now, it’s important you start thinking of what subject lines you will use across the previous week/weekend of Black Friday to maximise your sales.

Upsells and Cross Sells

Cross-sell vs. upsell

If you know your customer has already clicked because they liked what they saw and you know that you can give them something else that would make that thing even better, would it not be logical to offer that to them as well?

So for example, they saw your offer of a 6” cake and you know it’s for a birthday party, would it not be logical to offer them matching cupcakes for the table decor and maybe even individually packaged ones for favours?

That example gave someone that came to you a genuine reason to spend with you two more times than they had originally planned to! So three sales instead of one!

Now You notice I used the word genuine reason to spend more with you. This is because for this strategy to work, it has to be authentic and integral. Unless you are offering with integrity what you genuinely believe is a need that they are trying to fulfil, customers are likely to see through what you’re offering as just a money-grabbing and greedy rather than something they really want in their life.

See the need

There are two types of additional selling techniques. One is called upselling and the other, cross-selling. Both involve selling products or services in addition to what the customer had already intended to purchase.

With either types of selling, it’s super important that remaining ethical and solving for the customer is the top priority.

If you don’t want to send those clients running in the other direction then don’t recommend an upsell or cross-sell where it isn’t necessary.

Preparing your Cross Sells and Upsells

Upselling is a strategy to get your customers to buy a bigger and better version of what they were originally intending, so instead of a 2 tier cake they go for a 3 tier or instead of a one of consultation they go for a three monthly 1-1 programme.

It’s effectively a superior, more expensive version of a product that the customer already owns (or is buying).

So it will be:

    • a higher, better model of the product or
    • same product with value-add features that raises the perceived value of the offering

Upselling is the reason why we have a 54” television instead of the 48” we planned for. It’s also the reason you might have subscriptions which include services you don’t use. We don’t want to be guilty however of getting clients to buy things they may not want or use however, as that is the quickest way to lose them and we want to keep them!

Cross Sell example

Cross-selling is a strategy to sell products related to the one a customer already owns (or is buying).

This is the one cake businesses tend to use more frequently, and it’s very easily implemented. These products generally belong to different product categories but will be complementary, like cupcakes or party bags with a cake or a workbook with a course.

But to effectively cross-sell you have to be battle-ready!

What are you going to have ready for your customers to buy or suggest to them that they should buy?


bundle and saveThis is the last strategy that I will be sharing to help you maximise your holiday sales!

Bundling is where you suggest, not just one additional item like a cross-sell, but you suggest a group of products/services which compliment each other and would be a great idea for your clients to purchase.

Normally, bundling includes a discount to make the offer even more compelling and increase the perceived value of the offer. There are two types of bundling, “pure bundling” where you can only get the items as the bundle and not individually, and “mixed bundling” where there is more flexibility for the client.

But either way, this increases your likelihood of sales and of course revenue and ultimately profit! You have invested so much effort and often money getting these customers to your page, it is important to give them as many opportunities to spend as much money with you as possible!

So there you have it – a whole strategy for maximising not just Black Friday Sales but all of your holiday/sales promotions. These strategies are effective and can be used again and again!

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Ciao for now

Tasha xx

About the Author

Natasha Orumbie isn’t your ordinary baker! Yes, she is well known in her industry for creating awesome works of edible art, but she has recently gained notoriety in the online world.

She has catapulted her business from near obscurity with an Instagram following of just 400 to over 7000 in just 8 months and growing every day!

Originally a teacher of teenagers by trade, she is naturally able to share knowledge in an engaging and humorous fashion, making her Instagram, blog posts, and e-books a pleasure to read! She now takes great pleasure in teaching others how to bake, decorate and sell cakes of their own.

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