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As a small cake business owner herself, Natasha knows only too well the struggles of being able to successfully sell cakes for a profit.  The interesting part of her story is that she didn’t actually realise she wasn’t making a profit until she was 10 years in! After making this earth shattering discovery, she began taking the steps which changed her business forever and allowed her to record breaking sales from the strategies that she shares in this book.  
This is a must read for every cake business owner who is trying to ensure that they increase their profit margins and transform what effectively is a very expensive hobby, into profit-making business.  Natasha is about to reveal how you CAN have your cake and sell it too! 
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Despite that niggling burning desire, you’re still not sure if you’ve got what it takes to start a business. You need security, you need assurances, you want guarantees! Well, while this book cannot guarantee that you’ll walk away from your full time job tomorrow, financially free and retire in the Maldives in 6 months, it can give you an entertaining and factual account of incredibly useful insights that any aspiring business owner would need to have under their belt before taking that giant leap for mankind into the business world!

Are you ready? will educate you, inspire you and motivate you to take the next steps in your business – that is, if you’re ready! By the end of the book, you’ll certainly know whether you are… or not!

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