Kick-Start Your Biz Series

I am super excited to launch the brand new series, ‘Kick Start Your Cake Biz’, which is available in the Online Academy!!!
This series is a fundamental part of the 1-2-1 coaching Triple B for Bakers, which strategically covers all of the business basics that need to be mastered if you’re going to succeed with your cake business. 
I am sharing all of the methods and strategies that I have implemented to grow my business from 400 to 7000 followers and moved from an expensive hobby to a profit-making machine!
There are eight masterclasses and they are all accompanied by a workbook with step by step practical implementation.
The MasterClasses are available individually or in a bundle.

Kick-Start Your Biz Bundle

Get your copy of the whole series at one time. 

All eight masterclasses in a set to take your business to the next level. 

Each includes a workbook and training video.

Save more than $30 by buying the bundle at $129.99. 

Regular Price – $19.99 each.

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Sell the Solution

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Finding Your Niche

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What Is Your Brand?

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Finding Your ideal Clients

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Making A Profit

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Creating Killer Content

Creating Killer Content Workbook
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Effective Engagement

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Time Management

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