Work with Tasha

Triple B for Bakers Mentoring Programme

“I’m currently in week 14 of the programme and I have learnt so much, the programme has catapulted my business in ways I never thought possible.
My Instagram following started at approximately 200, it’s now at 600!”
“I’ve gone from booking 1 wedding in 2014, to booking 12 weddings in 2021 valued at over £24,000.  All of this has happened and I haven’t even done a proper showcase/launch of my brand”
“Taking on the Triple B Mentoring Programme, is the best thing I’ve done for both myself and my business, this programme didn’t just save my business, it saved my life.”

Baker, Once Upon A Bite

Talk Tactics with Tasha

Our tactic talk yesterday was soooooo helpful and motivating!!!  I think because we are mostly a one woman/man band it’s hard to be motivated 24/7.  I definitely had a pep in my baking step yesterday! smile

Baker, Coeurs Cheris Cakes

I had the privilege of winning a Talk Tactics with Tasha session and it was an eye opener and guide towards what I need to do to take my business to the next level.  I also got the 30 Content Ideas eBook and that has been phenomenal.  It really gives ideas of the different kinds of content that can be created and how.

Baker, Bluebox Cakes

Business Analysis Mapping Session

The next six months of your business plan mapped out for you in 60 minutes.