You need a plan.  The reason you feel stuck is because you don’t have a plan – you’re missing a strategy.  Selling cake alone CANNOT be the plan in and of itself. What is your overall objective? Who is your niche? How are you appealing to them? What is your financial goal? How do you propose you will get there in light of your current business activities? You see these are the kinds of questions that we discuss when we Talk Tactics in our strategy calls! Without a plan, your business will go nowhere fast.

I was a member of the Women in Business Club Community, I was accessing all of the training and the wonderful resources but while I was seemingly busy, I was still stuck…When I had my first strategy call with my mentor Raimonda, SUDDENLY the lightbulbs went on! It was clear! I knew what I needed to do and how I needed to do it. Just 30 minutes was all it took but that call was priceless and so so worth the investment.  It’s when everything began to change for me and this is why I knew I just had to have strategy calls as part of our offer here.

If you need clarity and want to Talk Tactics about your business, just click the button and book yourself in for a session.