Online Academy for Baking

People (especially your kids) are expecting you to present something awesome and you need this win. What do you do?

You can COUNT ON ME!!!

Most recipes you see presented on YouTube, Pinterest and your favorite cooking shows will leave you frustrated for three reasons:


You will see the ingredient list, but there are certain ingredients that if not measured properly can dramatically affect how your cake turns out.

You can’t just say eggs! What size eggs? What parts of the eggs? When do you put the eggs in?


When people post videos to YouTube, they are rushing to fit it all in.  In order for a video to reach the largest audience, it needs to be about 10 minutes.

Which means that the video cannot possibly show you every detail.  So you are left on your own to make assumptions about how things should be mixed or prepared, this is one of the main reasons your results are hit and miss!


 Every baker has certain special hacks they use to make sure their creation turns out perfectly.  Many times they do not share these small but significant moves with the viewer, so even when you follow the steps shown to the letter you still do not get the results they did.

 And when you are dissatisfied, you have no recourse. Even if you leave a bad review, did that give you back your wasted money or wasted time? No.

The N.O. Cakes R Better Online Academy is going to put an end to all of these issues.  Every tutorial will provide you clear, detailed, easy to follow techniques for making the most delicious desserts.

You can take the course at your own pace, in your own time.

And I will share Every. Single. Step. 

Every measurement. Every Hack. Every time.

Online Academy for Baking

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It’s your kid’s turn to bring the offering for the Christmas Fayre, Summer Fete or Class Party!

You want to bring something that is delicious and beautiful, but you remember what it was like the LAST TIME.  Sure they ate it but you weren’t happy wit the results.  You’ve seen what all the other parents bring and the way their children’s’ faces light up for having the most amazing mom in the whole world!  You also remember how inadequate your last attempt at bringing something homemade to the party left you feeling.  No beaming face. No looks of envy. It just fell flat, pardon the pun! Like literally! 

You could go to the local bakery or supermarket and buy something from there, but what satisfaction will that bring? You want to create memories with your little one. Mommy and me making amazing cakes together in the kitchen. You want to see them beam with pride as you carry your creation in to present it to the class!
Online Academy for Baking

So what can you do? You don’t have the time or the money to sign up for a local full-day class where they teach you what to do. You have your evenings and weekends and you need to make something happen now.

You have tried YouTube tutorials which were epic fails!  They promise to give you all the steps, but always seem to skip something. Even though you follow along, it never seems to turn out the way you want.  So now you have wasted time, effort, ingredients, and money! I am just getting mad thinking about it!

Online Academy for Baking

The first delectable dessert we will cover is the most exceptional chocolate cake you will ever taste. I will teach you how to make it moist, luscious and the right way so that you can master it the first time! I work side by side with you and show you every technique I use to make all the cakes that you drool over in my videos! 

Every recipe is broken down into three mini courses, which you can take individually if you only want to learn one specific aspect or you can access the set so you have every step of the process form start to finish!! Let me tell you about them!

  • Baking Basics teaches you how to make my fudgy chocolate cake from scratch, the proper way to measure and mix the ingredients, how to make sure they are fully baked and how to cool them properly so that they remain a perfect bake! 
  • Prepare for Greatness focuses on getting our cakes ready for decorating.  We make chocolate buttercream from scratch and I will teach you how to level, stack and crumb coat like a pro!
  • Finishing Touches focuses on decorating! For this course we will design a fault line cake.  This is a fun and trendy design and you can fill your fault line with sprinkles, flowers, or footballs! Anything your creative mind can come up with! As you smooth the butter cream, you  create a frosting fault line without having to cut out one delicious morsel of cake.
  • Moms on the Run (MOTR) is a condensed, super-quick version of the recipe with no frills attached to allow mama to cook up delicious goodness in half the time.
  • Leave It Out Mum! is a version of the recipe adapted for food intolerances, e.g. gluten, dairy, etc.

In less than two hours, you will have baked and decorated a delicious, moist, rich chocolate cake and you will be on your way to being the envy of your special event!

Oh yeah! At the end of each module there is a special offer just for YOU! 

Are you still not sure this will work?

Imagine you are in the kitchen of the finest chef. 

You have every ingredient laid out in front of you and step by step she walks you through each piece of her secret recipe. 

She isn’t speeding you along, but taking her time, moving at your pace –  waiting for you to follow the instruction just right. 

As your creation starts to take shape, you enjoy the feel of the batter, the smell of freshly baked cake and the way it feels as your cake bounces against your finger tips. 

 You have baked something delicious, but you can’t stop there. 

 The chef then helps you to make your creation a work of art.

 And the more you do, the more confident you become! You can do this!

 You have baked and decorated the perfect chocolate cake.  Think of what everyone will say when you deliver this beauty to your next office party.  How will everyone react as you cut a perfect, delicious slice? 

 You will be invited to all the bake sales and will be able to participate with confidence. 

 This experience is totally possible if you sign up for our online academy! 

Natasha Orumbie

CEO at N.O. Cakes R Better
Heyyyy! I’m Tasha and I’m CEO at N.O. Cakes R Better. I know that you are reading this and you feel every word because you are living this right now. I know that you exist because I was also such a business owner. For 10 years I hid behind my business name and logo and everyone celebrated my business and came to support but on the premise of course that they got a considerable discount.
Throughout my career I have mastered many of the mysteries in baking.  I was continually getting messages in my inbox asking me what I had been doing to achieve these amazing outcomes. This is why I created the Online Academy for Baking so that I could help other bakers, like you, who may have been experiencing similar issues.
Online Academy for Baking
N.O. Cakes R Better
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