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We all need a little help every once in a while and I was no exception.  I remember when I was just learning how to bake cakes and searching online for answers I never could really find the little things that made things easier or made a big difference in the outcome.  So I decided to make sure YOU had those little hacks I’ve discovered along the way. 

Fondant Hacks

Fondant Hacks

Is your fondant lumpy or have air bubbles? Is it sticky and not easy to work with?
Download my Fondant Hacks to help you get the best fondant for your next decorating adventure!

NCRB Baking Hacks

Baking Hacks

Are your cakes dense, dry or crumbly? Do they come out of the oven with holes in them? Download my FREE Baking Hacks to learn how to remedy those problems for your next cake!​

Cupcake Hacks

Cupcake Hacks

Learn why your cupcakes are dry, sunken or slightly soggy with my Cupcake Hacks!
Download my FREE Cupcake Hacks for tips and tricks to perfect cupcakes every time!

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