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Welcome to the Online Academy!  We have so much information available for you here and much, much more being added each week.

Take a minute to look around and see what can help you in your next endeavor whether it be cupcakes for your child’s class or your new cake decorating business!

You’ll find hacks, an Ebook about starting a business, recipe cards and YouTube videos, My Top Tips and more.

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Youtube Videos​

Check out the videos that I have on my YouTube Channel.  Quick tips for bakers and business owners!
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Top Tips

Check out my Top Tips below.  Each video is about 1 minute to give you a quick tip you can really use!  They are broken down in sections for Baking and Business.  

Baking Top Tips

Home Made Brown Sugar
Edible Glue
Edible Grass and Hair
Leveling your cake
Working With Coloured Fondant

Business Top Tips

Play Video
Customer Service
Customer Feedback
Brand Identity
Time Management

Building Business Basics for Bakers

Have you been thinking of starting a business making cakes or just started one and want to figure out how to best get it off the ground?  I’m bringing my 10 years of experience to you so you can learn from my mistakes and not make them yourself!  Click the button below to learn more!

Online Academy for Baking

The Online Academy for Baking was designed especially for those who want to learn how to bake beautiful cakes and are just learning how to get started.  They are broken down into 3 modules so you can go through the training videos step-by-step to complete your masterpiece!   Click the button below to learn more!
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