5 Great Ideas to Go Live on Instagram in Your Cake Business!


Getting the courage to go live is one thing. Having the discipline to be consistent is another!

But even with both of those things, if there is no strategy to going live, it will just be another additional business activity that generates no money whatsoever!

Download 5 great ideas on what every business needs to include in their IG live content to ensure profitability!

Going live on IG is becoming an increasingly unavoidable strategy for a business.

Providing a route to get your followers to be able to know, like, and trust you is super important and let's face it, when you're selling something like "cake", this doesn't always give much scope for conversation!

In this webinar, you will not only find out what needs to be included in a strategy for your IG lives, but you'll find out how to tailor each live so it becomes part of your overall sales strategy/funnel!

This is crucial to ensure that you are getting a return on investment for all that time you're investing! If you're ready to learn how to use IG lives, to boost your engagement and your sales, this webinar is a must!

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