Kick-Start Your Cake Biz Bundle


  • 8 individual video webinars and corresponding workbooks breaking down the 8 key ingredients required to ‘kick start’ your business
  • Find out how to work out who your ideal audience is and how you can target them so that they find YOU!
  • Discover the key ways to build a brand and market the most effectively on social media, so that you build a strong brand identity that can attract the right audience.
  • Learn the strategies for engagement that help you grow a super-engaged and attentive audience that want to buy from you.
  • Learn all of the practical steps to managing your time and indeed your money!

Calling all business owners! Whether you're brand new and you need help to know what to do to get yourself going or you ran out of gas/petrol on the side of the road a long time ago and you need a jump start to get you moving again, this course can help you!

You're tired of just having a business in name only that doesn't seem to generate anything but late nights and frustration when you barely have anything to show for all your efforts. You know that you need to charge more but you're not sure how much and how you can get your business to a stage where people are prepared to pay you what you're worth.

Your Instagram account is full of your friends and your family and other businesses in your industry that quite frankly aren't going to be your ideal clients, so how on earth to you find them or get them to find you as everyone seems to tell you is so possible?

Well, guess what? You need look no further because Kick Start Your Cake Biz (KSYCB) will help get you going in no time. Energised webinars talking you through the what, why, and how and individual workbooks for each unit so that you know exactly what steps you need to take and in which order. If your business feels as if it is at a standstill, I know this is going to be just what you need!

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