Make Dat Money Honey!


  • You Can Have Your Cake and Sell It Too ebook breaks down exactly why most baking businesses fail to make any profit at all and explains simply what you need to include to ensure you’re making a solid profit
  • Making Money Moves ebook teaches you the important mindset shifts that you have to embrace if you are going to ever start bringing in big money consistently.
  • Hear about how to face those childhood money stories and learn how to write new ones, which was integral to my own financial shift.
  • Use the actual profit calculation spreadsheet that I use, so that you can clearly map out all of your costs and inform the pricing of your products and see just how much money you are actually making!

Getting control of your finances is one of the most important things that any business owner can do and whether you are a cake business owner or not, in every business there are hidden costs that can go unnoticed.

They went unnoticed in my business for 10 years!! But then, even when I did know the costs were coming thick and fast and were definitely more than my incoming, I wasn't sure how to fix it! This bundle right here will give you all of the theory and the practical tools to get control over your business finances once and for all!

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