Profit Calculation Spreadsheet


Profit Calculation Spreadsheet

Work out exactly what you should charge in order to make a profit without having to understand any complicated or technical formulas! Simply download this spreadsheet, pop in your numbers and voila! You will immediately know whether you’re undercharging and you can then adjust your pricing to make sure you’re making a profit!


Profit is the most important part of a successful business! Helping people is great, but if you're helping people and you're not making a profit...what you are running is a charity! For years I struggled to understand profit and what really needed to be included to ensure I was making one! As a result, I undercharged significantly and for 10 years I was literally working for free! You don't have to make my mistakes! Using this simple spreadsheet, you can easily find out immediately whether or not you are making a profit and how to adjust your pricing accordingly if you're not! Try it for yourself!

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