Simple Social Media


  • Get comfortable with Instagram! Learn all the basics of each function, how to post, what is the best format to use to post?
  • Want to learn the difference between IG video and reels?
  • How do you use highlights and how do you make them?
  • What’s the best content for stories?
  • How do you add and use story stickers and so much more

If you feel like you have been thrown into the whole social media thing without any idea of what you are doing! If you feel like you're constantly chasing and on the back foot, you are not alone! Many small businesses on the gram are just clicking and posting and hoping for the best!

But without understanding how social media platforms work you can end up shooting in the dark! How amazing would it be if could have a step-by-step guide to help you master social media and Instagram! Well now you can and it will revolutionise the way your business shows up and bring you the results that you've been looking for!

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