Sailing to Six Figures

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It’s time for a raise! Let’s bake our way to six figures!

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You are invited to access the replay to this global virtual event, featuring 10 inspirational women in business who are authors, influencers, speakers, experts, mentors and coaches from all walks of life. This was our first ever online Summit and it was a huge success! We brought together speakers and experts from all around the world to share their stories and expertise to help bakers in business to grow and thrive.

Now more than ever, after a year where many cake businesses saw a time of drought as weddings, events and celebrations were cancelled, baking business owners need the inspiration and information to jump start their recovery and catapult them to success! We’re not just talking recovery however, we are talking divine acceleration to levels previously only ever dreamed about by women and men in our industry!

We are teaching how you can sail to six figures, and no matter where in the world you are, you can become part of this global event, learn from the experts the strategies that they’ve used to create six figure empires, learn new skills, connect with likeminded people, and ultimately raise your game!

It’s time to RISE!

Why this summit?

I desire to inspire baking businesses all over the world to be successful in their zone of genius. I have watched for too long as many, including myself, settled for below minimum wage earnings in our businesses. In many cases, these businesses are a supplement to a full-time job, meaning that for little reward, they are denying themselves quality time with their families on a consistent basis because they feel they have no choice.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that for the most part, life will just happen to us if we don’t take back control. Many businesses were destroyed by the impact of the virus and if you made it, or even if you were birthed out of the pandemic, the fact that you are still here is proof that you have got what it takes and you need to push through to make this happen!

We have 9 months of the year left and this is the perfect time to start working on plans that will give you some stability, irrespective of what the future may hold. Many businesses went under because they were not able to diversify! In this summit, we are going to teach you how to create multiple additional revenue streams in order for you to be able to mitigate against ever being forced to close because one income stream cannot operate.

It’s time to get creative – it’s time to RISE!

Our mission is to:

– Educate baking businesses globally on how to build sustainable businesses with multiple income streams

– Build the confidence and self-esteem of baking business owners so that they start to believe in the powerful forces that they are

– Create an environment where business owners all over the world can come together, learn together, grow together and rise to the top

Meet your host

Natasha Orumbie is the CEO of N.O. Cakes R Better and founder of The Baker Squad. Having been in business since 2009, she is very experienced and skilled in her field and is now sharing her knowledge and expertise with The Baker Squad to help them move from an expensive hobby to a profitable passion.

Since creating The Baker Squad during a global pandemic, she has written six e-books, hosted her first Online Event, Making Business Boss Moves and helped her rapidly growing membership community to achieve incredible successes in their own businesses.

With now almost 100 members, The Baker Squad continues to provide an environment where baking business owners, along with businesses from a variety of different genres. This event is set to be her biggest and best yet.

What we have covered:


Speakers have taught on how bakers in business can expand their reach and create their pathway to six figures by mapping out the route through these various income streams.

This two-day summit has covered the following themes:

Making Money





Email Marketing

Course Creation

Public Speaking

Affiliate Links

Owning a Bakery

Subscriptions & Memberships




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