Hey! I’m Natasha Orumbie

Baking Business Coach

I help you make more money in your baking business!

Triple B 1-2-1 Mentoring

If your business is ready to move to the next level, sometimes you need more than a one-off conversation. Access bespoke 1-2-1 support catering specifically to where you and your business are right now and providing the road map to plan the journey to where you are going.

Helping You Achieve Success

Are you a cake business owner who…

can relate to any of these bullet points? If so, then Triple B 1-2-1 is exactly what you need! Starting with 3 months and extending monthly as you wish, this 1-2-1 support will be a game changer!

Is tired of undercharging?

Is ready for change and eager to learn?

is committed to putting in the work to see the change they desire?

is excited about significantly increasing their earning potential?

Social Media

Map out your social media strategy and content so that you effortlessly start attracting your ideal client and the sales that you deserve!

Weekly meetings

A 30 minute meeting with me every week where we review all of the actions set in the previous session and adjust the next steps so you keep striding to your goal!

Support and Guidance

Never feel alone again, knowing that you can have Whatsapp access to me daily during business hours to double check anything you may be struggling with!

Set up your systems

Get support in creating and setting up systems that will benefit you long after your time with me, so that you can continue to grow and expand.

What is Triple B 1-2-1?
Who is it for?

Triple B 1-2-1 is for business owners who are ready to take the next step to seriously progress in their business.

They know where they want to get to but they need the support of a mentor to walk them through each of the stages to provide guidance and direction until you get to your destination!

Need consistent clients?

Are you struggling to get regular orders? Do you go from feast to famine or worse still are you in a constant famine? If so, you need help creating a business strategy that can help you attract orders instead of chasing them!

People trying to haggle your prices?

Busienss coaches like me will tell you that to succeed you will need to raise your prices, but right about now, you can’t even get the me to pay your current rates! Let me teach you how to successfully get clients who pay what you’re worth!

Don't know what systems you need or how to set them up?

If you’re starting from scratch this will be one of the hardest things. Knowing what to do is one thing, but knowing how to do it is another! Let me help you identify the right systems and give you all the help you need getting them off the ground!

Wondering how you'll fit it all in?

I totally get it! I built this business while working full-time and married with three children – busy is an understatement! But I can work with you to ensure you can perfectly map out your schedule to get it all done! 

Need someone to walk you through step by step?

Some people are self-starters that can hear the instruction then jump off and get it all done – not  everyone is like that and that’s ok! For some, they need to be hand-held through the process to make sure that they have everything in order and that’s exactly what we do in Triple B 1-2-1!

About Me

Natasha Orumbie is no ordinary Baking Business Coach! She has over 12 years in the baking business game and generations of experience before that!

Her creative bakes have seen her featured in The Guardian, Huffington Post and too many other online publications to name and now she is focusing on sharing her craft and expertise with you!

Teaching runs through her veins; she now has over twenty years teaching children, right through to adults in a range of subjects and her students in The Baker Squad can attest to her down-to-earth, humorous and humble approach that gets them to their destination with tough love!

When she’s not in the kitchen, you’ll find her either singing praise and worship with her band Relentless Love, or trying to master the latest dance moves! Now the dancing, that’s where she isn’t quite the expert yet, shall we say?

But I’m presuming you’re here to level up your cake business and not your dance steps, so you’re definitely in the right place!



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Once Upon a Bite

More money in less time. Restore work-life balance. Learn how to succeed.

Hobbies should be fun and it doesn’t really matter if they make you money or not! But when you venture into the world of business, profitability counts!

Baking cakes for free, and giving friends and family the benefit of your hours on intense labour and efforts, can not be your forever future if you want to grow a successful business!

It is possible to transform your expensive hobby into a profitable passion! I know, because that’s exactly what I did and I can teach you how too!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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