I’m tired of not being paid full price!

√ How do I raise my prices?

√ Is it possible that anyone would actually pay my true cost?

√ How will I ever charge more for such a small cake?

All of these thoughts used to run through my head.  I was in this business for 10 years before I took action and changed my business for the better.


I was baking cakes for customers with no clear goal in view. I was tired. I was frustrated and I didn’t know if there was any other way. It was a seriously depressing place to be. I knew I had a talent and I wanted it to work for me but I didn’t know how!


I know you’ve been here. In fact, you’re probably there now! Deep down, you know you are better than the amount of money in your bank account and you want to know how to make your business stand out from the rest, but how do you do that? That’s where I come in!

Our Triple B 1:1 Programme has been transforming businesses since its inception. From businesses operating in near obscurity and transitioning to becoming visible brands, confidently showing up on social media, attracting their ideal client, presenting a high quality professional front inside and out! 


What you will learn in your Triple B 1-1 Program:

  • Instagram Account Analysis – A full breakdown and analysis of your current IG feed providing advice and guidance of how it could be improved.

  • Bespoke Action Plan – Clear, practical steps as to how to implement the recommended changes to improve your page.

  • Weekly Check-in – Keeping on top of your actions with a weekly check-in from me, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions but also keep you accountable.

  • Templates and Tools – Learn not just what to do, but how to do it! Let me assist you with templates and tools to make the process even easier.

  • Exclusive Access to Selected Resources – A selection of PDFs to guide you through the basics to building a successful cake business including:

    • How to calculate your pricing

    • How to price for profit

    • How to develop a strong brand and position yourself uniquely in the marketplace

    • How to use a variety of social media platforms to bring visibility to your brand and attract your ideal client

This is for you if…

You are a baker in the first three years of your baking business

You want to charge more for the work you do

You are wondering what you need to do to close more sales

You are looking o create a social media presence for your baking business

You want to earn more money this year than ever before


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