Your business – The New Way!

Miracle Mindset!

Before you can take your business to the next level, you have to unlock the barriers that have been preventing you from doing so before! In this Unit, you will experience a powerful transformation of your mindset and learn practical exercises that you can repeat beyond this programme to ensure your business succeeds. With Guest Trainer Somalia Brown.

Magic Marketing

We will cover the many methods of marketing but will spend a good chunk of time creating and developing your own, ads using Facebook, Youtube and Google. We will also cover SEO and show you how to add SEO to your website and other web-based platforms.

The client magnet

You know the basics of client attraction but for some reason you are still not drawing your ideal client. In this unit we will demonstrate how you physically locate your ideal clients and the processes you need to implent in order to attract them and keep them.

Make money while you sleep!

Passive income streams are essential to growth and scale. In this unit, not only will we help you to identify your passive income streams but we will model for you how you automate these processes in order to make the work passively and bring in a consistent income.

Classy Content!

If your content does not separate you from the crowd, you will fade into the background like so many other businesses in your niche. In this unit, we will identify what type of content is first-class and will not only separate you from your competitors but will convert your clients and we will help you create a clear content strategy that will serve you way beyond the programme.

The Time Machine!

Time is one of the most precious commodities that most entrepreneurs do not seem to have enough of. It’s this perceived lack of time that prevents them from achieving their goals.

In this unit, we will break down the practical way that the time of each participant could be managed effectively to ensure that every aspect is covered in the time they have.

Branding Baby

Branding can change everything. In this unit we will demonstrate what things will make up your branding identity but also HOW to do it!! We will go through how to create your images and artwork but also, more importantly, how to build your identity through your content posts, language, and messaging! We will share templates and examples so that noone leaves without their brand solidified.

Energised Engagement

Everyone understands the need to engage, but it’s super tricky right? Wrong!! In this unit we will demonstrate a fool proof, time-saving strategy for you to engage almost effortlessly but more importantly, strategically!

These strategies will see your engagement lead to the growth of your following and your ideal clients! Once again, engagement templates for messaging and commenting will all be shared!

Sweet socials

Social Media is the central foundation to any business getting the right exposure! But…not all platforms are right for your business! In this module, we will look at all of the options and Identify which ones are most important for your particular audience and why. But we will also cover HOW to use them more effectively as well as cover any technical issues you may be encountering.

Get Ready, Techy, Go!

My business only started to really grow when I started introducing systems!! As a novice in business, I didn’t realise how important they were and why these time saving platforms were not just to help me be more efficient but it was the main way that I was able to start radically increasing my income! These systems are key!!! Learn what systems I use and how to set them up to make more money in your own business.

Customer Love

Getting a customer is the hardest bit! If you can learn how to KEEP them, this is where you start making money! Most businesses miss this! They focus all their energies on just gettting new customers all the time but meanwhile not focusing on the ones they have and THIS is where they miss out on soooo many sales! In this Unit, learn the systems of how you create a customer service that keeps your customers coming back for more!

Perfecting Pricing

Thisssss is the bug bear of all bug bears, especially with cake businesses! But so many businesses, whatever the niche have the SAME issue!! Pricing for profit is one of the most difficult barriers to overcome and hence they end up undercharging or at the other extreme, pricing themselves out of the market! In this unit, not only will we break down how you achieve the right pricing, but we will also map out how you attract the right customers to pay at the right price!

Modules Delivered Bi-Weekly

The modules are drip-fed into our online classroom every other week so you are never without content and there will be a bi-weekly catch up session to go over your homework to ensure that all is understood.

The step-by-step video guidance in the classes ensure that everything is broken down in a manageable format, so that even if you are beginner, you can make sense of this!

Submit your work for feedback

In our exclusive private  Facebook group you will be able to speak with the other students, share ideas, get feedback on your work and ensure that you make the accelerated progress that you desired to make by the end of the programme.

Access to our Exclusive Members Group

  • Collaborate with fellow students

  • Get sneak peeks of upcoming content

  • Zoom live training to go over key training points

  • Share your ideas and success stories!

What students of our other programmes have to Say…

Renee - The Cupcake Lady London

This course has been such an eye opener for me! I really sih I had something like this at the very start of my business. I would have saved myself years of heartache, headaches and mistakes! But this course has proved it’s never too late to turn things around. This course  is real, relevant and relatable, extremely detailed, highly valuable and worth every penny! I would recommend it to every new starter as well as anyone that’s been doing it for years like I have! I finally have achievable goals and focus – so much to literally look forward to!

Mel - Mel Bakes well

When I started this course I had no business knowledge! I knew I liked to bake…that’s it! The Triple B Accelerator shows you step by step how to grow your business, from social media training to pricing your items. It’s intense, but it’s AMAAAAAZING! I’ve learnt so much and this course has built up my confidence where I feel I’m able to start seeing how I can make it grow! Thanks Tasha!

Grace - Kakes by Grace

I decided to start Triple B because it was something I had been looking for for a long time. To work with someone that gets me and is in the industry. All the goals I have been putting off for so long because I didn’t know how to do it. I would recommend Triple B to anyone who is stuck in their business and is ready to make the changes they need to grow and really boss in their business.


How long is the programme?

It lasts for 6 months but once you have completed the programme you still have access to the resources in the programme for 9 months after the date you started the programme.

Can I pay in instalments?

There will be instalment programs available when registration is opened up.

Is this only group access?

Yes, the Triple B Accelerator programme provides group access to my subject knowledge. However, there is opportunity to get feedback on homework submitted via the Facebook and Whatsapp Groups for the duration of the programme. If you would like more individual feedback/support, Power Hour Sessions will be available at a discounted price of $199 instead of the full price of $297.

I work full time, when are the lessons going to take place?

We know that the majority of our students have other jobs and so we have allowed the recorded modules to be accessible at your convenience as they drop. The live sessions will all take place on evenings and weekends on days to be scheduled and will be recorded and shared with participants unable to make it to the live session.

Can I share this information with my business partner(s)?

As the course is so competitively priced, the access to this material is for individuals only. For additional access you would need to contact us to discuss a discounted rate with documented evidence of the business relationship.

Have a Question That We Didn’t Answer?

If you want to know anything else about this programme that we’ve not already covered, then feel free to shoot us a message and we will be right there to answer your questions!

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